Nigerian man dies while fighting for the custody of his daughter from Italian authorities

Friends and acquaintances have taken to social media to mourn the demise of a Nigerian man simply identified as Joe who died recently in Italy.

Wendy Bliz, a friend of the deceased revealed that Joe had been fighting for the custody of his daughter who was allegedly adopted by the Italian government by force.

Wendy who didn’t reveal the exact cause of the man’s death, lamented and claimed that the deceased died while fighting for his daughter as she promised his child must go back home.

Though the reason for the “forceful” adoption by the Italian government was not given, internet users have argued that in some European countries, children are taken away from their parents if the authorities feel they are not properly taken care of.

Below is what Wendy Bliz shared on Facebook yesterday.

I never believe ur death until now.. Sir u where more than a bro 2 me always .. I neva knew ur calling me twice 2 days back will b d last time i will hear from u complaining about ur daughter.. BABY JOE.. 2 me how she was forcefully adopted frm u by Italian government, will b our last discussion..

But bro no need 4 me 2 ask much questions bcos u ar no longer here 2 hear me but i promise u one thing bro.. BABY JOE.. WILL SURELY GO HOME BY FIRE BY FALSE….EXCEPT MY GOD IS DEAD.. BCOS.. HIM ALONE KNOWS U DIED BCOS OF UR DAUGHTER.. 4 DIS REASON.. BABY JOE.. MUST GO HOME…. U DON’T NEED REST BRO….WE NEED U 2 FIGHT 4 UR DAUGHTER..