Onnoghen: Those criticising the suspension are insincere – Lai Mohammed

Nigeria’s minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said that those criticising the suspension of Walter Onnoghen, the Chief justice of Nigeria are insincere.

The minister said this on Saturday, while speaking with journalists in Kwara state. Mr Mohammed also reacted reports that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has suspended its presidential campaign in protest for the CJN’s suspension.

According to the Minister, there has to more to the relationship between the opposition party and Onnoghen,  that they would suspend their campaign because of his suspension.

He however took a swipe at the PDP saying the suspension of their campaign means nothing because the party’s campaign was already over.

In his words words:

“Which Campaign? Their campaign was over a long time ago. There is nothing to suspend. We said it that their campaign had floundered.”

“And in any event, let’s ask this question: Is there something that they know that we don’t know? Is there something between them and the suspended CJN? Otherwise, we did not see why they should suspend their campaign anyway, but I can understand that their campaign was bound to end this way.

“For anybody who read Mr. President’s address yesterday, two things stood out. The first is that additional evidence has just been revealed that the suspended CJN refused to declare millions of dollars in his possession.

“More worrisome is the fact that when the suspended CJN was confronted with the petition that he failed to declare his assets, he added that it was a mistake, that he forgot.

“Now, I would have been a happier person if the same people who are now crying tyranny and dictatorship could really address the issue raised by the President, in his address on Friday, that addition investigations have revealed that several millions of dollars were found in the CJN’s account.

“And when the CJN was confronted with the original allegation, he admitted that he forgot to make full declaration, and that it was a mistake.

“The critics are being hypocritical and insincere to say that it is right for a CJN to be in possession of millions of dollars unaccounted for and not declared as required by law.”

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