Onnoghen vs Adeosun: Here’s what Nigerians are saying



The recent case between the federal government, Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB and Nigeria’s Chief Justice, Walter Onnoghen has generated a huge storm on social media.

While so many Nigerians have given the FG, a thumps up for the move to prosecute Nigeria’s apex chief judge, for allegedly refusing to declare his assets as the law demands, others have condemned the move in its entirety.

Like Kemi Adeosun, former minister of Finance, that resigned over allegations of National Youth Service Corps, NYSC certificate forgery, many are calling that Onnoghen, honourably tows that path. According to them, Adeosun didn’t know that her certificate was forged yet everyone was calling for her resignation and she did.

Onnoghen has also claimed that be didn’t know, so he should be like Adeosun and also resign as what is good for Adeosun is good for Onnoghen.

However, there are others who say the cases are different, and Onnoghen’s, is motivated because of where he comes from.

Here’s what they are saying on the streets of Twitter


Others who don’t agree


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