Reject anyone who uses the #10yearChallenge to show a bleaching transformation

The #10yearChallenge has been trending on social media since the beginning of the week.

All around the world including, people have taken the challenge of sharing via photos what they looked like 10 years ago and what they looked like now.

However, Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex President Goodluck Jonathan has asked people to reject anyone, who uses the 10year Challenge to show off skin bleaching transformation.

According to the author, Black is beautiful, and the only time an erotic love letter was ever written in the Bible, was by King Solomon to a dark skinned Shalammite woman.

In his words:

In the whole Bible, the only erotic love letter is a book of romance named Songs of Solomon, written by Solomon to a dark skinned, BLACK Shulammite woman. Black is BEAUTIFUL. Reject every man or woman that uses the #10yearchallenge to show a BLEACHING transformation.


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