Tboss finally fulfills her promise to take her mother and sister on vacation (photos)

BBNaija’s Tboss has expressed excitement at having fulfilled a promise she had long made.

According to the beautiful fashion diva, she had made a promise to her mother and younger sister during her time at the Big Brother Nigeria house.

Tboss whose real name is Tokunbo Idowu said she has promised to take them on a long, relaxing vacation if she won the prize money.

Well, she did not win and the promise she had made to her family members seemed to have gone with the disappointment of not coming first in the reality show. But Tboss, who has proven over time that she is a fighter, decided to keep this dream alive.

2018 passed, and yet, she could not make time out or the resource to keep to her promise. Well, with 2019, a determined resolution to keep to her word came, and just like that, Tboss took her mother and sister to Dubai recently.

Taking to her Instagram page to share photos of the short but refreshing vacation, Tboss opened up on just how happy she was to have made her mom’s and sister’s uplifted by fulfilling her promise.

Even more, she made sure to share a lot of photos from the vacation held in Dubai. The entertainer also revealed that she did not like the fact that the place was very cold.

See her post below:

“For anyone who cared enough not to misunderstand me, Y’all know I Always said I’d take my mum & sisters on a vacation wherever they desired if I won the BBN Prize Money. “Well that didn’t happen but the dream didn’t die & Finally I made plans to go for the New Year but then again, Man proposes & God disposes. “Anywayssss, we finally went last week & it was Amazing. I do wish it was longer & we got to have more adventures but I’m Glad & Fulfilled that I kept my promise… Ps: Dubai was cold yooo & I simply cannot stand the cold.”

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