2019 Election: Ali Baba Advices INEC On What To Do To Get It Right

Nigerian legendary humour merchant, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, simply known and addressed by his stage name “Ali Baba” is definitely now happy with the postponement of the 2019 generally elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

Reacting via his Instagram page, the comedian said he doesn’t understand the rocket science behind planning an election that INEC could not come up with even with four years of preparation.

He however advised INEC on possible ways of going about their preparation to forestall similar occurrences in the nearest feature.

He wrote:

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I don't know the rocket science that is behind planning an election that makes us not prepared after 4 whole years. What is hard in planning for an election? Use the same biodata capture used for SIM card collection. Everyone who is qualified to vote, gets a SIM card. The dream of one man one vote will becaome a reality. Just as every bank now has a portal, INEC then links your phone number and BVN to their platforms, you can then go to the INEC platform look for the party you want and transfer your vote. That way, you can vote in advance, change your mind and vote for another party till the date of election. And once the biodata is captured, all the huge costs for election materials can be eliminated. When the time for election comes, you insert your SIM in your phone cast your vote and return your sim to its case. INEC operations should be digital. There are Nigerians who can build that security platforms in one month. All banks have online platforms. And transactions running into millions are done every minute on those platforms…. What do I know? Shebi I am just a comedian?

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