Akpororo owns a house now because he pays his tithe – Uche Maduagwu comes for Daddy Freeze

Uche Maduagwu in his usual fashion has slammed Daddy Freeze due to his refusal to pay tithes and his continuous preaching against paying it.

Using Akpororio, who at one time had an issue with Freeze due to the tithe topic, Uche slammed Freeze saying the comedian owns a house now and that is due to the fact that he pays his tithes.

Uche wrote;

According to Uche, Akpororo is now a house owner due to him paying his tithes.

Daddy Freeze has for a while being against the payment of tithes and has always used every opportunity presented to say this.

Read Uche’s post below;

@akpororo Paid TITHE, and now he is a Landlord in Lagos, @daddyfrz Christianity is not a wrestling ground…🏠🏠 @daddyfrz Learn to RESPECT peoples choice to tithing,🙈

Jesus didn’t ask us not to pay tithe, because in Mathew 23:23 “For you are careful to tithe even the tiniest income from your herb gardens”✏ omg, these are JESUS words in the NEW testament…✏ Jesus never asked us to disobey Malachi 3:10.🍞

Also, paying tithe is a PERSONAL thing between you and your God, brethren, don’t let anyone LAUGH at you or call you names when you pay tithe or not.🙈 @akpororo believed in tithing, and today, he now has a beautiful house of his own in Lagos,🏠 congrats, but there are people who don’t pay tithe, yet, they also have so many mansions all over the world,🌎

the bottom line is this, let us learn to RESPECT each others believe and what works for us, don’t let people like @daddyfrz mislead you, or is Christianity a wrestling contest?

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