Appreciate the local stations first – Uche Maduagwu drags Georgina Onuoha

A couple of hours ago, actress Georgina Onuoha had called CNN out asking why they refused to cover the election in Nigeria.

This post has however gotten the attention of actor Uche Maduagwu who has blasted the actress for not first appreciating the local stations in  Nigeria.

He wrote;

@georginaonuoha Stop being ungrateful, instead of appreciating our local Tv stations, you’re BUSY criticizing @cnn for not covering our elections…🌎🌎 Honestly, you need to APOLOGIZE to all the Television stations in Nigeria who worked tirelessly all day and night just to cover the election in Naija,🚗 one would have expected a so called “celebrity” like you to encourage them and not opening your MOUTH to criticize @cnnafrica for not covering the Nigerian election,😁 is @cnnbased in Nigeria?✈ Or are you saying other reputable Tv stations like @channelstelevision @tvcconnect@silverbirdtv just to mention but a few are not doing their BEST?🚐 My dear, our Television stations and blogs have done a fantastic JOB in their reportage.✏ @georginaonuoha Wait, is it only when @cnnpolitics carry a news about our own election that the world will listen?🎬 Why can’t we be PROUD and supportive of our own Nigerian NEWS content?🙈

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