Army disowns trending video of alleged officers torturing civilian man(Video)

The Nigeria army has reacted to a trending video of  some men alleged to be its personnel, torturing a civilian man.

In their reaction to the disturbing video, the army said that the men in uniform, are not army officers, judging from their appearance and behaviour.

How they reached the conclusion

The persons in uniform, – all of them – completely – lack military bearing. None of them is fully dressed like present day NA personnel. The camouflage is not the proper NA camouflage in use today. This can easily be compared and corroborated, the Defence headquarters stated

Also in the statement on the video, which they shared via Twitter, the army further revealed that:

The style of their dressing and the dressing itself, – is at variance with the dressing pattern of contemporary NA soldiers – No name sign on the chest, desert boots on woodland camouflage?

See tweet/video

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