Battle Of Bentley: Barely 24 Hours After Hushpuppi Gifts Himself A Bentley, Mompha Acquires An Upgrade Of Hushpuppi’s Own – Challenges Him To A ‘Money Race’

Malaysian based big boy and Bereau De Change operator, Mompha, has not only reacted to the now trending news that Social media big boy, Ray Hushpuppi, has just gotten himself a Bentley to celebrate Valentine today – He also challenged him to what he called ‘money race’ as he equally bought himself a more latest Bentley reportedly worth almost 400 million naira.

Recall that the duo were  close associates, before their fall out.. It is still unclear what actually caused their fall out, but the  both of them  are always literally tearing each other  apart and always at each others neck

Mompha while taking to his Instagram page displayed the picture of the newly acquired machine and also said ‘no one can outshine the money man!!!

He said: 

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