How Much Can You Sell Gift Cards in Naira – Best Rates At Cardnosh

Cardnosh is your best choice when it comes where to sell gift cards for naira because they offer the best gift card rates. It is a platform that has been tested and trusted by many and has not for once disappointed. It has continued for several years with a benchmark of trustworthiness, honesty, good customer response, swift transactions, instant payment and flexible payment options.

Cardnosh accepts all kinds of cards from iTunes gift card to steam, Amazon, Google play, Target, Sephora, Walmart, Apple store, eBay, PlayStation, and more.

They accept cards in physical form and ecodes as well as in different denominations from $10 to $200. They also allow gift cards in various currencies like USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, NZD, PLN, SGD and GBP; all these at very amazing rates.

How Much Is $50/$100 iTunes Gift Card In Naira On Cardnosh?

The exchange rate of gift cards to naira changes very often but you can be sure that with cardnosh you will get only the best.


They buy $100 iTunes gift card within the range from 24k – 30k

£100 (100 pounds) iTunes within the range 23k – 29k

€100 (100 euro) itunes within the range 22k – 28k

How Much Is $50/$100 Amazon Gift Card In Nigeria On Cardnosh?

Also, several market factors influence the price of Amazon gift card in Naira. But you can get within the range:

$100 Amazon gift card with cash receipt ranges from 24k – 32k

Debit receipt ranges from 22k – 28k

Credit receipt ranges from 18k – 26k

Card with no receipt ranges from 15k – 22k

Gift Card Rate Calculator On Cardnosh

If you have a user account on, once you are logged in to your dashboard, you can easily calculate the rate at which they buy gift cards using the gift card rate calculator right on your user dashboard.

So, with this, you can calculate the price of just any gift card you want to exchange by selecting the card type and inputting the amount, then clicking the ‘Calculate’ button gives he result..

How To Trade On Cardnosh

Trading with Cardnosh is very easy. It has been made to be a very simple process for customers’ convenience. All you have to do is follow these steps

Step #1: Reach them on Whatsapp at 08125349466 or click here. The use of Whatsapp as one of the trade options allows more interaction between them and their customers and fosters better relationship.

But if you would rather trade on the website, all you need to do is create a user account and proceed from there.

Step #2: Ask for rates. In one minute, you will get a reply from their agent. The type of card and the amount will be asked and you will be told the current rate at which they buy.

For trade done on the website, the rate calculator on the dashboard will give you the rates for your amount of card.

Step #3: Proceed as instructed by the agent if you are satisfied with the rates and I am certain you will be.

Step #4: Upload the card.

Step #5: Wait for verification. It wouldn’t take more than 2 minutes for your card status to be verified.

Step #6: After successful verification, your bank account will be credited instantly.


When trading gift card for naira, getting paid the best possible rate is one of the important factors of gift card business. Because the price you’ll get is the major determinant of the profit you’ll make so it’s always advisable to go with the best possible rates which you get on Cardnosh.

Contact Cardnosh


Whatsapp/Call: 08125349466.


  1. Thanks for sharing this article. You shared very useful information. i just wanna say i trade with cardtonic and they also provide the best service to sell gift card in nigeria. We just have to send some details on whatsapp and get paid within minutes.


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