I became who I am today without the help of a man – Irene Onwuka

Former peace ambassador Irene Onwuka, has made it known she achieved all she has today all by herself.

She added that she got no help from any man. Onwuka shared this on IG in celebration of her birthday adding that her success has proven a woman can be all she wants to be without the help of a man.

In her words;

“A BOSS is when you can dominate a world of both male n Female n be successful in it. What a man can do a woman can do better 🌹 iam A BOSS and I know it !!! I have toiled both day n night , under the Sun n rain to carve a niche for my self to be successful in my Field and when I look back And see how God crowned my Success I give him all the praise , I Built myself without no Man, just like the narrative goes she’s successful becos She has a man who helps her that’s a bold Lie I’m IRENE ONWUKA because I fought hard to stand in frontline of both men n women to defend myself, Work, My Job n my Believe.Happy birthday to me Again.”


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