Is it because he’s your patient? – Theresa May ‘thrashed’ for congratulating Buhari

A group identified as the Mandate Protection Vanguard (MPV), has lambasted the prime minister Theresa May, for congratulating President Muhammadu Buhari on his victory at the 2019 presidential election.

The prime ministers while congratulating Buhari for winning his reelection, said the UK would more than love to continue its relationship with Nigeria under him.

Celestine Eromonsele, MVP national president, however said there’s nothing to congratulate Buhari about, taking into cognisance the way the elections were conducted – while also asking that May, tenders an apology.

His words: “Manipulations and rigging of the elections. What started as a peaceful election ended up being one of the most horrible daylight rape of our democracy. Ballot boxes were snatched and some destroyed by fire,” he said.

“Card readers were stolen and many tampered with to accept without verification and in many places card readers were not used at all.

“Pre-thumb-printed ballot papers were stuffed into the ballot box. Breach of the INEC security measure was evident with the use of 2015 stamps.

“Multiple voting by illegally acquired PVCs was used by APC members. Impersonations by people voting more than 20 times with different cards.

“We ask Theresa May whether standard used to conduct last Saturday’s presidential election in Nigeria where so many people died, ballot boxes snatched, military personnel deployed to the strongholds of the major opposition party, PDP to disenfranchise voters are what she termed free, fair and credible?

“Is it because Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is patronising UK hospitals, reason she was endorsing illegality?.”

“We hereby call on United States and the European Union not to tow the path of Theresa May. We urge EU to reject the election in the name of fairness.”

“America is known for justice, European Union should stand firm against the sham and rape of of democracy going on in Nigeria.”


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