2019 Elections: Is NYSC Really Worth It??? – See How Corp Members Were Left Stranded In The ‘Cold'(Photos)

The move by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) to postpone the forthcoming general election has also opened our eyes to how shoddy the Nigerian youth corpers who are used as Ad-hoc staff by the election umpire are treated.

In most cases, the youth corpers usually travel from their serving local government to the local government where they have been drafted to work as an INEC ad-hoc staff at least the night preceding the election so as to pick up the election material on time on the day of election. Another reason why they leave a night before is because there wouldn’t be movement  on the election day.

On getting to the Local government where they are to carry out the assignment, they would proceed to the INEC office to sleep or loiter round the premises till the following morning when election materials would be distributed to them.

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What comes to the mind of an average Nigerian is whether the election umpire, NYSC or who ever is responsible for welfare can not get a benefiting accommodating for the youth corpers going by the picture circulating on the social media scene.




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