Laura Ikeji blasts Amara Kanu again, says what she has achieved in years, Amara is yet to

Fashionista and boutique owner Laura Ikeji is far from done with her sister-in-law Amara Kanu.

Just yesterday, Laura had made it plain and clear she is not friends with Amara. This was made known after a fan asked why the mother of one isn’t following Amara on social media.

As if this wasn’t enough, another follower picked on Laura’s answer saying; “Of course she can’t be friends with you na, she is classy while you are a wannabe, she is calm and collected while you are loud, she is beautiful while you are far from it, her husband is the main deal while your husband will keep stealing her children’s ticket to go and watch match, so of course you are not friends and can never be.

An angry Laura responded; “What I have achieved just in January by working my butts off, both you and her cannot achieve in 10 years but hey…”

Amara is yet to make any statement following this new insult.


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