May Ogun kill you – Actress Liz Anjorin drags fan over Baba Suwe’s health

liz anjorin, baba suwe

Nollywood actress and producer Liz Anjorin has slammed a social media user who asked that she stops flaunting her lavish lifestyle on social media when she can not help her colleague Baba Suwe.

Recall news surfaced yesterday that the veteran actor is down with Diabetes.

The man had taken to social media to write;

“Baba Suwe your senior colleague is dying and needs help. Go there with your other colleagues and mobilize for his medical support for his treatment home or abroad either way. There other people people willing to come to his aid only if there’s a little push from you folks who disturb the social media with your meaningless tirade. At least that would be viewed by sane Nigerians that this time you are not just disturbing and constantly raising and provoking social media dust from settling for nothing.”

Lizzy replied saying;

You came to my page to be insulting and cursing me because of INDUSTRY issue?? My mother deserve my kindness…The hate in the INDUSTRY and from the journalist sent her to early grave …They did not allow her to eat the fruit of her labour …This is how I carry load on my head as Nigeria celebrity when I travelled for business in abroad because you will die if you envy my way of advertisements, if you dont mind your business on my ish*…
My mother battled stroke for good 4 years, I was in the court with a thief that stole my car all alone at this same time …what did my colleagues did to help me ?? Though they help to spread bad rumours.if you come to my page to drop any hate speech , I pray this same thing will happen to u and you will never come out of it insha Allah…Amin .
How many of them featured me in their movie/s or adopted me ?? Despite my generosity.. When my beloved mother died none of the artiste came …Except lepa shandy and Madam asewo toremecca ..the headline written by journalist…”COLLEAGUES SHUN LIZ ANJORIN MOTHER’S BURIAL” still linger in my brain.. Remember I can laugh with you but I will never betray my mother to mingle with some of you.
How many of my event do they attend to support me as a family ? Not just family ooo…Ask them all how humble and generous is liz anjorin ?? Do you all remember 2017 ? Owo naira bet premiere is a good example when saidi balogun and others gang against me … .if you come to my page to tell me who to assist , ogun will kill you and you die just like my mother …

Are you or your family dead when journalist always write ….colleagues shuns lizzy anjorin’s event over and over and over ??…life is vanity, learn how to show love to people, life is like a dice …
I had done my little to baba suwe since yesterday when a lady notify me though.


  1. Liz my dear,l read through your article and it was well digested. I also appreciate you for saying that you have done your bit for baba suwe. Meanwhile, pls don’t let people come to the conclusion through your respond to comments on your page. Pls as a child of God continue to believe in him and don’t hesitate to continue working hard and don’t swear again. No matter the circumstance of mama’s death, God is unquestionable and may she continue to rest in peace. Shalom!