Now soldiers can kill anybody on election day – Omokri on Buhari’s threat to election riggers

BuharisShootToKill, Buhari

A former presidential aide and ruffler of President Muhammadu Buhari’s feathers, Reno Omokri has again reacted to order by the president to security personnel to kill election riggers.

During a national caucus meeting of the All Progressives Congress, APC, ordered the military and police not spare anyone who decides to snatch ballot boxes or disrupt elections.

“I really gave the military and police order to be ruthless… Anybody who thinks he has enough influence in his locality to lead a body of thugs to snatch ballot boxes or disturbs the voting system, will do so at the expense of his own life.”

The problem with the statement according to Reno, isn’t the fact that the order was given but the justification that would follow the killing of anybody on election day.

Speaking via his Twitter handle, he wrote:

The problem is not with #BuharisShootToKill order to the Nigerian Army against ballot box snatchers. The issue is that any soldier can now kill anybody on Election Day and justify it by claiming (whether true or not) that the person was snatching ballot boxes. Even your brother

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