O to ge Lagos: Just like Saraki, Lagosians want to end Tinubu’s dynasty

Just like what happened to Bukola Saraki, a former governor of Kwara state and presently, Nigeria’s Senate president in the just concluded national assembly election – some Lagosians are seeking the fall of Bola Tinubu’s dynasty.

These Lagosians are saying they are tired of Lagos being totally in the pocket of Tinubu, therefore have started a movement to take his grip off Africa’s commercial hub.

However, there is an argument that the movement(Otoge Lagos) is being championed mainly by Igbos in Lagos – and not by the majority of Lagosians – because of their ‘hatred’ for the former Lagos governor.

Some critics have also argued that Lagosians, they are really serious about ending Tinubu godfatherism, must go off social media, and start a door-to-door sensitisation to enlighten people not merely by trending a hashtag on Twitter.

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  • Only brainless Ignoramuses or desperate and corrupt wannabe power grabbers would compare Lagos politics and Asiwaju to the discredited, ignoble and regressive Bukola dynasty that has just crumbled in Kwara state. As much as Wontikue and Ojelu Omo Oloye of Kwara would like it to also happen, there is NO “O To Ge in Lagos”n- far from it! Lazy and corrupt journalists, please go and focus on worthy matters. Asiwaju BAT is the Jewel in NGR’s politics of today; the Awo of current times. Please don’t undermine the good vision and works he has and has been doing for Lagos state and NGR. Do so at your own peril. We are with Asiwaju all the way and we WILL defend his honour with everything we’ve got to keep Lagos progressing.

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