Oby Ezekwesili slams Vanguard newspaper for distorting her message, demands apology

Former presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, Oby Ezekwesili has come hard on one the newspapers in Nigeria, for ‘twisting’ her statement regarding why she with from the race.

Ezekwesili, had called a world press conference on Monday, to explain formally everything that led to her pulling out of the race, just a few weeks to the February 14th, election, the allegations levied against her by her party and her future commitment.

Slamming hard the new publication firm, the former minister of Education dismissed the news as fake headline, which distorted her message. In a statement via Twitter on Tuesday, the former presidential candidate asked for a retraction and an apology from the news site.

She wrote:

The fakest headline from my Speech. This fellow that manages @vanguardngrnews online does nothing but disseminate falsehoods obviously. It is obvious that even if you spoke in his ethnic language he would still distort the message. Your management better RETRACT with APOLOGY NOW.

First thing @vanguardngrnews should do is DELETE this #FakeNews.

2. Retract with Apology to me for distorting & misrepresenting my Speech.

3. Post this handler to the Supplies and Stores Dept of Vanguard.

4. Send your Staff to a Reporting Upgrade Course.

And for those with “Comprehension issues”, well here’s what Ezekwesili wants you to take away from her message.

1. ACPN folks professed they shared my Values and Vision.

2. Then it became obvious that they don’t.

3. I who had made the decision to run for President decided it better to protect my Values and withdraw from the race and their Party.

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