Popular Nigerian comedian set to become a baby daddy

A Nigerian comedian according to blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus is set to become a bay daddy.

According to the blogger, the comedian who himself is a family man, has rejected the pregnancy and has asked the lady to handle the issue herself.

Read her post below;

“Nigeria’s population slowly increasing oh. Ehen!!….Another comedian is about to become a baby daddy against his will. Well he did the do without protection when he knows that coast is not clear and when she came saying “hey you I no see my menses oh” he told her “abeg find am comot oh,you know say I get family nah”And she said “when you dey do you no know?” And now both baby mama and her mum are at war with the Dark skinned comedian….Who the Comedian is? Don’t KILL yourself looking for coded clues or you will find just that. . 😂🤣🎤🤓🏃🏻‍♀️….This gist and the last one are not related.#BRB, Stella dimoDimokoko wrote


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