This country is a big shame – Toke Makinwa reacts to postponement of election

Media personality Toke Makinwa is far from pleased with the elections being postponed.

The vlogger and author took to her Instagram page to react to the viral photo of Youth Corpers who had been appointed as ad-hoc INEC officers, sleeping on bare floors.

Toke used the opportunity to slam the government writing;

If this picture of youth corpers sleeping outside is real then it’s a big shame. I am disgusted at the blatant disregard,  you  wait till 2am to announce the postponement of the elections????

Why??? People have travelled far and wide to their various polling units and you do this???? Which way Nigeria???? Why do we love to embarrass ourselves so much? The whole world is watching and we do this???? I am so confused. 

Just when you think  it can’t get any worse, you think they can’t shock you anymore. Just when you are so sure, they outdo themselves. We must not give up, we must stay prayed up and vigilant this week. Come 23rd we decide, #nigeriadecides2019 #NigeriaisyouandI 

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