This is a clear case of mental and physical abuse – Debola Lagos reacts to photos of corp members sleeping on cold floor

A few hours ago, photos of corp members lying on cold floors in bushes and open spaces went viral online and has now gotten so many celebrities to speak out against the government.

Debola Lagos, a media entrepreneur and political strategist reacting to the photos stated that the act can only be described as mental and physical abuse.

He wrote;

more than the potponement is this physical and mental abuse on Nigerians in every way, by every government, at every level’.

‘Sometimes it’s almost as if there’s a clear strategy from the Leaders to ensure the people hate Nigeria, causing so much hardship at every turn which forces people to disconnect and not care about anything including who leads them or collective good, rather focus on personal success which includes migration.
The sense of helplessness you feel at this 2am out in the cold on an assignment to serve your country is almost an automatic conclusion of hopelessness in the possibility of a working Nigeria. So if you ever wonder why Nigerians struggle to be excellent within Nigeria, are cynical and removed, can easily join in on Internet scam and all the ills, this is it INEC if you keep saying you were prepared, take a look at these photos and get the answer right there.
They deserve better. Nigerians deserve an announcement 24 hours at the least. A leader should have made the projection, then the call. Doing it at 3am doesn’t communicate preparedness, it’s bad leadership.

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