Two of the biggest scams in the world, revealed

Author of bestselling books, Reno Omokri has named the two biggest scams in the world, in his latest nuggets on Twitter.

Omokri, a former presidential aide said that in the world, there are two major scams – The belief that pain killers kill pains and the one that salary can cure poverty.

According to the author, pains can’t be cured by painkillers, as they only manage it, and neither can poverty be cured by salary – but can only manage it.

He wrote:

There are 2 big scams in the world.

The first scam is the belief that pain killers actually kill the pain. No they don’t. They just manage pain.

The second is the belief that a salary can cure poverty. No it doesn’t. It just manages poverty. Stop being scammed #RenosNuggets


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