We aren’t motivated to talk because when we do, you people attack us – Simi to Nigerians

With the 2019 presidential election only a few blinks away, more and more famous Nigerians have continued to engage in electoral topics.

Davido set the ball rolling on Sunday, when he tweeted that entertainers shouldn’t stay away from politics because it is dangerous. The ‘IF’ singer urged his colleagues to be fully involved in how their country is being run.

This, of course stirred some hot reactions with some Twitter users pointing accusing fingers at other entertainers for staying aloof.

Popular Twitter user with handle @MrStanleyNwabia, particularly accused sons of late Afrobeat legend, Femi and Seun Kuti of not leading the course, to drag president Muhammadu Buhari out of office but have remained apolitical or ‘fencist’ instead.

I see no reason why top Entertainers Femi Kuti and his brother Seun Kuti are not leading the charge against Buhari. As Fela’s children, they CAN’T afford to be Fencist or apolitical where Buhari is concerned, Mr Stanley wrote.

Well,  Femi Kuti wouldn’t let anyone throw mud at his efforts, as he quickly dismissed the opinion of the Twitter user.

Mr Kuti stated that his late father, Fela Kuti, had in his lifetime warned  Nigerians but they never took heed. He also  stressed that he on his part, has also been talking for the past 40+ years but its the same thing.

Mr Stanley all the talk my father talked all his life Obasanjo was voted 2x back into power. Buhari was voted. All the talk I’ve talked 4 ,40yrs of my career night after night at AFRIKA SHRINE till date ,what difference has it made?, Femi Kuti said.

Well, Singer Simi also took the side of her older colleague, as she asked people to stop urging entertainers to ‘say something’. According to the ‘Joromi’ singer, those entertainers who dare to speak have had their words flung right back in their face – and as such, they have lost the motivation to speak about anything.

She wrote:

#Word People keep asking entertainers to “say something”. Pls stop. The ones that do almost always get it thrown in their face. So, where’s the motivation?

That said, you don’t need anyone to convince you to make the best decisions for YOUR OWN life. Love yourself. By yourself.


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