Why Akume Has Not Been Arrested And Prosecuted After Stealing N2bn – Governor Samuel Ortom

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George Akume’s feud with Sanuel Ortom can best be described as a case of political god fatherism gone bad. Akume, who was the immediate past governor of Benue state hand picked Ortom as his successor until the duo fell out and have been at each others neck ever since.

Akume who is now in the senate fired the first shot when he revealed during a presidential campaign rally for Muhammadu Buhari in Benue on Wednesday, February 6. He said “Today, there is one governor in the north-central Nigeria, (a perceived jab at  Ortom) who is richer than Buhari and has more money than Buhari in just three-and-a-half years of being a governor.”

However, Ortom while replying him yesterday said Akume stole N2bn when he was leaving the Government house in 2007 and have not been arrested and prosecuted just because he is a member of the rulling All Progressive Congress(APC).


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