3 ways to tell a girl you don’t like her, without hurting her

A Twitter user has taken to the platform to ask for the best ways to tell a girl that you don’t like her, without hurting her feelings.

The user with the handle @Fresh_vdm, did get some useful suggestions and we thought you might want see – in case you find your self in such a situation in the future – or you’re in one right now.

He wrote: How do you tell a babe you dislike her without hurting her?

See suggestions he got from other users


“Baby, I’ve decided to take on a spiritual journey for purity and celibacy. I can no longer yield to carnal lust and things of the flesh. I’m on the road to righteousness. It’s not you, it’s me. Goodbye my dear, and I hope to see you on the narrow path to paradise

Best wishes”


Babe… you are a great person and the whole word knows it… am just not the right person with the right frame of mind to see and appreciate your goodness…


😂😂 just try by all means to say something which puts her in the friend zone




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