International Women’s Day, is an annual celebration of women’s rights all over the world that is held on the 8th of March. This special day originated more than 100 years ago and started from a march of 15,000 women demanding for equal rights in 1909.  That key moment started a chain reaction that has cumulated in better awareness, treatment and liberation of women worldwide.

As is tradition, each year has a unique theme with this year’s being – Balance for Better, which seeks to encourage gender balance around the world. It also seeks to put in place social innovations to achieve gender equality as a focal point, and aims to achieve this through different means like- community safety, affordable childcare centers, and mobile classrooms for women and girls. Africa’s biggest smartphone manufacturer; TECNO MOBILE recognizes women across the globe and the struggles they face in balancing work and personal life. This is why in commemoration of the 2019 International Women’s Day, TECNO lent its voice at/to a special program for young girls aimed at improving the quality of life of the girl child.

Held in conjunction with The University of Lagos’s Radio Station, Unilag 103.1 FM and the Mass Communication Department of the University of Lagos, the event which took place on Thursday, 7th March 2019, at the Afe Babalola Hall, University of Lagos, Akoka Yaba featured various activities and highlights. Hosted by Lamu and Tosin of Unilag, the event opened with a welcome Address by the Head of Unilag FM, Dr Abiodun Ogidan who thanked all the guests especially the schools represented for making time out to celebrate the day with Unilag FM.

In her speech, Temitope Akinniyi, HR, Employee Relations at TECNO Mobile thanked the organizers for putting together the event. She highlighted how the smartphone giant supports women. In her words ‘As Africa’s biggest smartphone manufacturer; we at TECNO Mobile recognize women across the globe and acknowledge the struggles they face in balancing work and personal life. We do whatever we can to ease these struggles by ensuring that we provide a working environment free of discrimination against women. An environment that powers our women to work smart and come up with innovations that spark a positive change in our world while laying the foundation for the younger generation of women’. Our products also focus on the 21st century woman, giving her soft and hard tools to balance career, personal life and capture beautiful experiences while doing both.

To make the occasion more eventful, invited schools were given the opportunity to contribute their thoughts to this year’s celebrations, while also showcasing their talents through: drama, poetry, essays, choreography and painting to highlight the theme for the event, ‘Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change’. Certificates of participation were presented to participating schools and students.

Guests at the event included representatives for the United Nations, Honourable  Adefunmilayo Tejuosho, Guest Lecturer – Professor Abigael Ogwezzy-Ndisika, President University of Lagos Women Society Mrs. Oluwaseun Ogundipe and Jesse Oguntimehin PR and Strategic Partnership Manager at TECNO Mobile.