Bbnaija’s Alex shakes major table, after she shares her ‘waist trainer’ experience

Alex Asogwa simply known as Alex or Alex Unusual, may have just begun the funeral of the waist trainer industry of Nigeria.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate shared a very hilarious yet truthful personal experience of her first and second usage of a waist trainer.

With the rave if trying to get the hourglass figure, one that can be flaunted on Instagram and other social media platform, many women have opted for this fashion item, everyone wants you to buy but never really tells you what truly feels like to wear one.

So, if you have never worn a waist trainer and wondering what it feels like, if you do, read what Alex said about it below:

First time, I had to stop at an eatery close to my house and ran to their rest room to take it off. Second time I sat for 10 minutes and took it out in front of people. Trust me, I tried to endure but it kept screaming “I’ll kill you” I’ll try waist trainer again for the third and last time today. Let’s see if I breathe. I don’t know how people endure bondage. That thing puts hands on my neck, threatening to strangle me. I even have headache,” she said.


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