Beauty Queen Dies After Butts Enlargement Surgery in Lagos

A Nigeria Beauty Queen has died after a botched buttocks and hips enlargement surgery.

The deceased who was 2013, Face of Democracy Transformation Winner, Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam died at the hands of a Lagos based American surgeon in Lagos.

The beauty Queen died on February 3rd after being in a coma from December 30th after the surgery.

Investigations by Attention Magazine revealed that the Surgeon, Dr Anu is uncertified and that the procedure took place at her Med Contour Cosmetic Surgery centre which had recorded several cases of surgery failures and complications.

It was also revealed that in the beauty Queen’s case, fats that were supposed to be transferred to her hips and buttocks rather went into her lungs, and that’s what led her into falling into a coma.

She was eventually transferred to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, LUTH, from a private hospital, where she died.

The doctor is said to have shut down her clinic and no longer her popular Instagram page.

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