Buhari, APC supporters query how Atiku, PDP got access to INEC server, that showed him data that he won presidential election

Atiku Wants Court To Declare Him Winner Of Presidential Election

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar has stirred reactions from some Nigerians, after he made claims that he defeated President Muhammadu Buhari by 1,615,302 votes, in the presidential election.

This was contained in the petition filed by Atiku and his party at the presidential election tribunal.

According to PDP and Atiku, data from the server of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) reveal that he won Buhari by over 1.6million votes.

Some supporters of president Buhari and APC, are asking how Atiku and his party, manage to gain access into INEC server.

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  1. Atiku you have been beaten hands down nurse your pain but don’t come on the net to deceive us do we look like toddlers wearing pampers see I don’t like it Oga wait stop it Atiku u rigged Baba Buhari rigged the best rigger won take heart

  2. .Buhari lost with 1.6million
    .Atiku hacked into their server and saw the results
    .Inec accepts the hacked figures but are asking how Atiku got to see it
    .Its became evident that Inec rigged on behalf of APC
    .Daft Nigerians don’t have brain to see that their mandate was stollen by the APC…
    .Instead they blame Atiku for doing all he could do to see the manipulations of Inec and the Apc
    .Now we knw the original winner and loser but stupid enough to wave the evidence aside admidts our sufferings and smilings…
    .we forgot it is the fault of inec for not having a secure server and that anybody can access any server he wants to provided he had the access
    And that is why banks and companies pay hackers to hack their servers to see if there is any vulnerabilies…
    Lesson lernth is Atiku did what he could do to get what he knew was his…So Buhari should respectfully step down cause the cat has been let out of the bag…
    Atiku won the Election…that is a proven fact thank you….


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