Buhari’s victory is going to be short-lived – Saraki

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Senate President, Bukola Saraki has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s reelection victory would be short-lived.

The senate president said this, while speaking at the opening session of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on Wednesday in Abuja.

Saraki, the election revealed the true character of the PDP and that they must build on it.

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“First of all, the true reflection of the presidential election showed the kind of character that the PDP has. I think that is something that we should build on.

“My own appeal to everybody is to say this victory that the other party has seen is going to be short-lived. We have a great future ahead and I believe we will start that on Saturday, to make sure that we defend those five states that are declared inconclusive.

“If anybody believes that it is a loss to PDP, it is a loss to the country that history will not forgive. We said many times here, that the worst to do is to do an election that as a country, Nigeria will not be proud of.

”We have done an election that no doubt anybody and even those that think they have won are ashamed of the kind of election we did.

“I think it is a shame to the country and those that were given that reponsiblity to do. We are setting a bad example not only in Nigeria but in the continent, when we bring militriasation into our election.”


  1. I appreciate the fact that we are how we are because of our leaders today! Leadership quality of my country has been hijacked by men who feels they know and feels that they are progress not knowing that they are enslaving the beautiful future of my country just to be on top of their game, financial power and political influences. Well, I hope and believe that Nigeria will be delivered from this hands who dictates how the table turns to a generation that will work together with conscious mind to beautiful Nigeria! Long live my country Nigerian! Nigeria is blessed!


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