Give it time and watch the mask fall, before you commit for life – Nadia Buari’s advise to fans

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari has said that advised her fans to ‘soak a person in’, before you absorb them into your life, forever.

The actress was speaking via her Instagram page on Sunday. She says that people often don’t show their true selves when you first meet them, and as such you must look deeply.

She stated further that people never change after, the problem is you never looked deep enough to know them, they way they truly are.

She wrote:

Something we all need to remember is that, anyone can be ur “dream come true” when u first meet them. U have no past with them. They have a clean slate. They are on their best behavior. They are observing u….Finding out what u like and what u don’t. That’s how they filter what they show u. It’s all surface, it’s what they ALLOW u to see. It’s human nature. We all do this upon meeting people. This is why it is so important to soak a person in before u attach yourself to them for life, and include them in ur future. Too often we are crestfallen when we watch relationships fall apart that started out magically. We say people “change”, but the reality is, they are who they always were.. we just didn’t get to follow them deeply enough.. So don’t rush, and don’t pile fairytale attributes upon someone who seems to say all the right things. They are telling u what u want to hear, at first. Give it time and watch the mask fall..and if they look the same, hold on…and don’t let go


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