Why Atiku wants Nigerians to vote PDP on Saturday

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party has labelled President Muhammad Buhari led the administration of employing intimidation and criminal conspiracy to silence the voice of the people.

In a video broadcast, Atiku said;

Our national drive to make Nigeria work again has been slowed down by anti-democratic forces,

You (Nigerians) voted the PDP and defended your votes in the face of intimidation and criminal conspiracy by the incumbent government. – by your actions, you have demonstrated to the world that democracy works. And wherever and whenever democracy works, the will of the people prevail.

Atiku also urged Nigerians to go out on Saturday and vote for the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party.

I express my profound gratitude for the massive votes you gave my party – the PDP, during the Presidential and National elections. As we move to the governorship & state elections on March 9, I urge you to come out in larger numbers to peacefully vote for PDP, from top to bottom.


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