How choosing a bad partner can ruin your marriage – Omokri

Reno Omokri, a bestselling author has advised people to be careful when choosing a spouse, as a  bad partner no matter how good you’re, will make you look back.

In his usual nuggets via Twitter daily, the ex presidential aide said a bad spouse will often result in a bad marriage and as such, people must take great caution when choosing their life partners.

Using the analogy of mixing good water and  bad water, the writer says the  bad water ends up contaminating the good water therefore creating bad water in the end.

What he wrote

The problem with mixing good and bad is that good hardly makes bad good, but bad often makes good bad. For instance, mixing good water with bad water creates bad water. So, take care in choosing a spouse. A bad spouse results in a bad marriage, even if you are good #RenosNuggets


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