I am very easy to maintain – Popular OAP reveals

honeypot on being maintained

OAP Honeypot is out here letting men known she is not as expensive as they assume.

In a new interview with Vanguard, the curvy media personality who hosts the ‘Entertainment Splash’ show on TVC opened up on why she went for the name Honeypot.

In her words;

I get this question every time and perhaps one of the reasons I love the name Honeypot is, because people raise eye brows whenever they hear it and they remember anytime they see me. I have said it like one million times and I’m saying this again “God gave me the name ‘Honeypot’”.

I don’t know how easy it will be to answer this question. I think it depends on the individual, to me, it’s Showbiz, I do TV and TV is like 95% glamour, you have to look good at all time.

She continued;

I am easy to maintain if you are rich, just make sure I’m driving beautiful cars, I change clothes every time, I get to spend money every time, money is good, you can agree with me that it makes the world go round, right?