Is it finished for PDP??? See what Ben Bruce thinks

Senator Ben Bruce has said that it is  not over for the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, after it lost the 2019 presidential election.

The PDP would have a quick return to power after losing it, in 2019 to the then opposition party, All Progressives Congress, APC. However, things didn’t go as  planned for the opposition party, who would have to continue to play opposition for the next four years.

Ben Bruce in his response to those who may think that PDP has finally lost it chance to ever control Nigeria, said only those with no understanding, will think so.

Bruce, who will not be returning to the 9th senate, after he “voluntarily stepped down to honour a rotational agreement in my zone,” though power is sweet, it is not to the point that ‘ one can’t walk away from it.’

His words: Power is sweet. But not so sweet that one can’t do without it of walk away from it. I walked away from it. I voluntarily stepped down to honour a rotational agreement in my zone. I am saying this because those who think the PDP is finished do not understand power.

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