Kidnapped Buhari’s Cleric Shares Details On How He Regained Freedom

Kidnappers released us in exchange for their leader’s mother – Buhari's prayer warrior unclesuru

A renowned cleric who is famous for being president Muhammadu Buhari’s prayer warrior, Sheikh Ahmad Sulaiman, has shared details of how he was released after spending 13 days in the kidnapper’s den.

The cleric revealed while fielding questions from reporters that he was released in exchange for the gang leader’s mother who was equally in the den of security operatives.

In his own word:

I was told they were offered N33million, but the money was not completed. They threatened that even if the ransom was paid, they would kill us since one of them was arrested. Somehow they became very terrified. On the night before our release, they came to us and said we should quickly wear our shoes and come out as they learnt that a group was coming to attack them because of us.

We were escorted to a remote location by two of them who were not carrying any weapon, with the intention that if it was confirmed that it was that other group they fought earlier, they would show us where we would follow to escape. It was later realised that those who came were the people that would take us to swap with the mother of the leader of the gang, who was arrested for that purpose.

That was how we were brought, on one side by the kidnapers, and on the other side, the security agents brought the mother of the gang leader and we were swapped in the presence of some military personnel at Danmusa in Katsina State.

We learnt that the mother spent seven days in the hands of the security agents because she initially denied that the man was her son. But eventually, that was the reason for our freedom.


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