#LagosBuildingCollapse: Lets all cover our faces in shame – Nairabet owner, Akin Alabi

Akin Alabi, House of representatives member- elect and Nairabet owner has said that everyone from top to bottom must “cover their faces in shame, ” regarding the Wednesday  Lagos Island building collapse.

According to Mr Alabi, the blame is everyone’s from top politicians, to builders, to those who criticised government when they demolish substandard buildings and the public who only feast on the next breaking news.

The sport betting company owner said the collapse has been giving him nightmares and that there is trouble ahead.

See statement below

This #LagosBuildingCollapse matter is giving me nightmares. We should cover our faces in shame. From the builder to the government official that approved such, to those that don’t take action after such buildings have been marked for demolition. To those that will scream wicked government when such buildings are removed.

To the activist who will look the other way as it does not suit their political agenda. To the public that will move on once another story breaks. There is trouble ahead of us.


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