‘Masturbation is more spiritually damaging than fornication’ – Actress Efia Odo

Actress Efia Odo is of the opinion that masturbation is way more damaging than fornication.

The popular Ghanaian actress made this known via her Twitter handle tweeting;

‘It’s actually more spiritual damaging when you masturbate than fornicate. Yes, they’re both the same act of “sin” but one is more spiritually devouring (masturbation). That’s self-inflicting. Same thing like suicide and murder. To actually want to kill yourself! Self-inflictions’.

She continued saying;

 ‘masturbation is the cause of sexual release by thyself. Whether you are addicted to porn or addicted to looking at a sexy girl’s snap and she makes you wanna cum but you can’t get to her so you imagine her and cum.’

Efia odo on masturbation


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