Merely buying fitness gadgets won’t help, ensure that you have the right mindset

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Every year people make promises to themselves which they fail to keep. One of them is to stay exercise throughout the year and stay fit. We are already over two months into 2019 and very few might still be keeping their new year’s resolution.

Technology is influencing all walks of life and fitness is no exception. People around the world are using fitness technologies like Fitbit and Apple Watch to help them with their fitness regimes. Those who want to lose weight but don’t have the time to visit the gym each day can seek the help of online gym training programs.

But we would like to air a word of caution before you avail the services of such fitness technologies. Unless you are in the right frame of mind there is not much help you will get from these gadgets.

You need to be motivated

One thing you must understand is that the journey towards fitness is long and will test your resolve. Even after a month of consistent working out, you will hardly see any results, it is the same for both weight gain and weight loss. When that happens people tend to get easily discouraged and quit abruptly after a couple of months.

The key is to maintain your motivation levels throughout the year. It is important that you believe in your regime and look for small improvements. Step by step you will start seeing the results. Unless you have this mindset the fitness gadgets are not going to be of much help.

Fitness gadgets aide you in keeping count of the calories you consume and burn in a day. But fitness is not just about managing calories. You must take extra care of your nutrition, sleep cycle and incorporate behaviour changes that will help you get in your desired shape. This requires a lot of motivation and it can only come from within.

The problem with the gadgets

These fitness devices keep count of calories burnt on the basis of a person’s physical activities. The question is how accurate are these devices. There is a major flaw in how these devices keep count of calories burnt. They work on a formula which derives result by simply putting numbers in it.

It misses out on one important thing that is each individual’s different fitness levels. Not everybody burns the same calories for the same amount of work. Based on how fit a person is each person will burn a different amount of calories for similar activities.

Five point mantra for those seeking to lose weight

As mentioned earlier, there needs to be a massive lifestyle change in order to get into your desired shape. According to the University of Alabama, there are five steps that you must follow to make your fitness journey last. They are pre-contemplation, then contemplation, followed by preparation.

Once you are at step three you are already more committed to the task. Then you must act on your intention to become fit. The final step is maintenance which is the most difficult.

But the following the five steps will get you in the right frame of mind and prevent you from quitting too soon.

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