Nigerians Attack Fashola For Saying Bad Roads Aren’t the Cause of Accidents

Former Governor of Lagos state and the current Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Fashola, has said that injuries and avoidable accidents that occur on highways are not always due to bad roads as claimed by many Nigerian road users.

He cited that most of these accidents are caused by over speeding and recklessness of the driver.

Nigerians who are known for having zero chills have been on social media sending heavy missiles at him for making such comment.




  1. Sadly enough, social media is an Avenue to haul all manners of insults without reasoning. I have been driving for over four decades and still driving on Nigerian roads and can say that sixty percent or more of our road accidents are not product of bad roads but recklessness and over speeding on the part of our drivers. Once a road is good, caution is thrown to the winds. Drivers are very impatient. This is not to say Minister Fasola should not ensure all bad roads are not put into proper shape.


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