One simple way, night club owners make sure you buy more drinks

Newly elected House of Representatives member, Akin Alabi has revealed the business tactics, night club owners employ to get people to buy drinks.

According to the business mogul and owner of indigenous sports betting company, Nairabet, he said DJs are made to play 5 good songs that get everyone dancing then throw in, a totally crappy one as the sixth. This according to him, will make people go back to reach for their drinks and that’s how customers end up buying more drinks.

The tactics may not have been proven yet but if Akin Alabi says it so, you might want to observe it, the time you’re at a night  club.

He wrote: Marketing tactic at night clubs. DJ plays 5 popular songs back to back to get you dancing then slots a crap song. Watch. People reach for their glass to have a sip. It’s a tactic to get you drinking. Try to notice this when next you’re out clubbing 😀


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