Osinbajo, A Subject Of Mockery After He Said Buhari May Be Poorer Now Than 2015

Nigerians have taken to social media to react to a comment credited to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo that Buhari may be poorer now than he was in 2015 when they both came into power.

The Professor of law ascertained that he was even richer than Buhari when they came into power.







  1. This pastor Osibanjo has become an embarrassment for repeatedly telling one lie or another for the APC led government and on behalf of his principal in the name of one slavish loyalty.

    Who is he deceiving? That president Buhari is not receiving salaries, allowances and other largesse accruable to his office?

    Osibanjo should just keep quiet instead of telling lies around in the name of promoting his boss’ ‘integrity’.

  2. What continues to amuse me about Prof. Osinbajo is his confounding ignorance that Buhari is not after wealth acquisition as such. His cabal & other surrogates are.

    Buhari’s only preoccupation us to spread Islam across Nigeria using his vantage position as President. That is in strict & unflinching obedience to the undiluted injunctions of the Qur’an. The average faithful Muslim uses his political office to advance the cause of Islam while the so called Christians concentrate on amassing wealth even if openly betraying their religion in the process. They are branded as “useful idiots” in Islamic theology.

    Prof. Yemi Osibajo & his fellow pretenders should repent in dust & ashes. They must stop playing the ridiculous game of the ostrich.


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