Stop the lies!!! Ex presidential aide reacts to reports Buhari now poorer than he was in 2015


Vice president Yemi Osinbajo has earned several backlash from a lot of Nigerians, after he said President Muhammadu Buhari, may be poorer now that he was in 2015, when he assumed office as civilian.

Many Nigerians including former presidential aide and bestselling author, Reno Omokri have refused to accept such claims – saying it was simply impossible for the president to be poorer now.

Omokri in his reaction gave many reasons why Buhari, may in fact  be richer than he was when he assumed office in 2015 and not poorer.

His words:

“@MBuhari is poorer now than in 2015”-@ProfOsinbajo. Yet:

* His daughter wedded in a multimillion dollar wedding
* His son crashed a multimillion Naira bike
* He and his wife now dress in designer
* His kids fly BA First Class (I saw with me eye)

Stop the lies #BuhariNotPoorer

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