Tinubu says trending photo of him in Kano is the work of rumour mongers

A national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC and a former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu, has debunked claims he’s in Kano state, to help Governor Umar Ganduje rig thr forthcoming supplementary elections.

The former governor said this, while reacting to a trending photo of himself and the Kano state governor – with “rumours’ that he has travelled to the northwestern state to influence the outcome of the supplementary election – saying  it is the handiwork of rumour mongers.

Tinubu in a statement via the head of his media office, Tunde Rahman, urged Nigerians to disregard “any report to the contrary” as they “are just the lies and mongering of those whose love and support for democracy are much less than his”.

See part of the statement below

“For the record, Asiwaju is not in Kano and has not been in Kano at any point during the conduct of these elections. The picture that these liars are circulating of Asiwaju and Governor Ganduje is one that was taken last year when the governor visited Lagos.

The fear-mongers know the picture is old and was taken in Lagos. They still use it because their relationship to the truth is an adversarial one. Scratch a liar and you will find a hypocrite as well.

“Regarding the people of Kano, Asiwaju has nothing but the utmost respect and admiration. Kano has historically stood as a bastion of progressive politics. Its brand of politics helped inspire the establishment of the APC.

Kano has an enlightened electorate that will vote as they believe. Asiwaju hopes that they will disregard the lies and rumors about him and remain faithful to their progressive tradition.


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