‘We shall all witness you being nailed to the cross’ – Charly Boy slams Rochas Okorocha

Nigerian entertainer and activist Charly Boy has taken to social media to mock Rochas Okorocha following his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, losing at the governorship election held in the state.

Taking to IG, Charly Boy first slammed the governor, calling him a fol before stating that everyone will witness his ridicule soon.

In his words;

”Any man can play a damn fool for some times everyday. Wisdom is knowing your limit. Rochas Okorosomething surely didn’t know when to stop. His Iberiberisim entered the market Sq. as he ruined many lives in Imo. Imo people are getting ready for their pound of flesh. We shall be witness to your being nailed at the cross for all your sins against Imo people. Nnwa banshi.”.


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