What Nigerians are saying after Atiku said he ‘must’ go to court to claim his ‘stolen mandate’

Many Nigerians have expressed their support for the ‘defeated’ Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar to go to court amd claim his ‘stolen mandate’.

Atiku and his party have vowed to go to court to contest the outcome of the February 23rd, presidential election which saw Muhammadu Buhari, retain his seat. According to the party, no amount of intimidation or coercion will stop them from fighting to regain  their mandate which was stolen using the military.

Many influential Nigerians like former military head of state, Ibrahim Babangida, former presidential candidates, pro democracy groups have urged the former vice president to accept defeat and congratulate Buhari but Atiku and his party have said that, it will never happen – A move that has the backing of many Nigerians, who have now taken to Twitter to express their solidarity for Atiku.

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