‘Whatever my kids get, you get’- Mr Jollof pledges support for child chased out of school

Mr Jollof pledges

Mr Jollof has tracked down the little girl captured ranting after she was sent out of school due to her fees not beg paid.

A young lady had filmed the girl asking why she wasn’t in school to which she had replied saying she was sent home due to her fees not been paid.

The little girl then continued saying she was flogged and has no problem with being flogged as long as they allow her to stay in school.

The vide upon hitting social media went viral causing many to immediately reach out to help to include Mr Jollof.

He shared a video of himself with the girl, and wrote;

Success school fees is been settled for this term so she can write her examination. From next term she will resume in one of the best private school in Saplele. Whatever treatment my kids get, she will also get by the special grace of God. We went ahead to pay for school bus that will pick and drop success, no more trekking to school. Success now na BETTER STYLE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!! I will take care of her education from now till she graduate from University (She’s now my responsibility)




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