Who is better, Jay Jay Okocha or Mikel Obi? – Nigerians react

Two football players to have ever come out of the Nigerian soil, Mikel Obi and Austin Jay Jay Okocha – have done the nation proud in their respective era in the game.

While one has retired after having what can be generally accepted as a fulfilling football career both locally and internationally, the other one is still making Nigeria proud with his boots and skills.

However, a debate is presently taking place on Twitter, where Nigerians are arguing about who is/was a better player, between Jay-Jay Okocha, who ruled the pitch in the ’90s or Mikel, who was so good at the Youth Championship, everyone hoped he’d end up being the greatest of all times.

Well, take a look at what football fans are saying




  1. Jayjay was listed among 100 greatest ever footballers. He is a brand that foreigners first mention when they meet nigerians abroad. Yes, mikel got more laurels than jayjay but jayjay is respected by living legends like pele, maradona, ronaldinho, zidane, weah, eto, etc as being their calibre.

  2. Jay Jay Okocha was a great footballer of all time, his skills on a football astonished many fans around the globe.Personally ,he made us proud as Africans.Obi Mikel made it but not to the level of Okocha.


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