Why are we cursed with such comedians as leaders? Omokri to Ogbeh on pizza importation

Reno Omokri, has joined other Nigerians to criticise Audu Ogbeh, Minister of Agriculture, for claiming that Nigerians order pizza from London in the morning using their cellphones and pick it up, in the evening via British Airways.

Ogbeh, while defending his ministry’s budget before the senate committee for agriculture on Wednesday had made the claim and among other complaints that Nigerians rely too much on foreign goods.

Omokri in his reaction, said it was impossible to believe the minister’s claim, adding that it was Ogbeh, who had once proposed to import grasses from Brazil to feed cows in Nigeria.

He wrote:

How President Buhari’s minister of agriculture can expect us to believe Nigerians now order pizza from London, beats me. Don’t forget this is the same man who wanted to import grass from Brazil for Nigerian cows. Why are we cursed with such comedians as leaders?


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